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Sisi Tower

Wedding Hotel | Dubai | VAE | 2020

Austrian Sisi Tower

Wedding Hotel on the World in Dubai


A piece of silk flowing in the wind.


Abstract versions of the shape show how flexible this concept is in the female form. The main body of the construction is concealed by the façade, but can be revealed and highlighted using controlled lighting.

The character of the building can be changed. Landscape shaped areas housed between the floor create private spaces with natural green filters between the living quarters.


The exterior of the building looks much like a piece of silk flowing in the wind.


Due to the cramped building site situation, Dubai is planning a city in the sea. New buildable areas are to be created by piling up artificial islands. This total area "WORLD" is divided into respective countries or cities. For example, there is Europe, Sweden, Oslo, Venice... Austria is to act as a distinctive point at the port entrance and is given a unique selling point as a lighthouse based on the world-famous Empress Sissi.